Background  Anderson Anderson Architecture is an internationally respected architecture and urban design firm with experience in a broad range of project types at large and small scales. Partners Mark Anderson and Peter Anderson started the firm as a design-build construction company in 1984. With a strong foundation in the practicalities of construction, the firm has grown into a diversely experienced architecture and construction practice collaborating with many other general contractors, manufacturers and construction professionals to provide international clients with design excellence, high-quality execution, and experienced representation of the client’s interests throughout the construction process.

Maintaining a relatively small design staff assures close personal attention to the firm’s designs projects. Mark and Peter Anderson work together as the lead designers directing all of the firm’s projects, working closely with clients and design collaborators. Close association with experienced teams of design, engineering, and construction associates provides depth and range of expertise allowing the firm to efficiently accomplish complex projects from small to very large scales, in many cities, with a high degree of economy, creativity and recognized excellence in both design and finished construction.

Work  Anderson Anderson has built extensively in California, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, with additional projects completed throughout the United States, including in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, Texas, and New Mexico. Anderson Anderson has also built extensively in Japan, since 1991, with additional projects completed and under construction in China and India. Exhibition and specialty construction projects have also been designed and built in Italy, Germany, France, Thailand and Panama.

Best known for original, finely crafted modern buildings uniquely developed for individual sites and clients, and for artist collaborations and speculative design innovation, Anderson Anderson also works with numerous business clients, and with public and institutional clients on projects ranging from corporate facilities and retail projects, to museums, technology galleries, university buildings, campus and community design. Working directly with manufacturers and government agencies in North America and Asia, Anderson Anderson has designed and built numerous prefabrication systems creatively exploring new construction technologies and cost-efficient building methods. Related work on materials and manufacturing systems has extended into projects in furniture and product design, and industry consulting on a variety of creative design, exhibition, marketing, business strategy, manufacturing and construction issues. Recent work has also included larger-scale urban design projects for campuses and cities in the United States and Asia.

Honors  The firm’s work has been widely published in the United States, Asia and Europe, and recognized with numerous awards for its creativity in merging design excellence with cost-effective, high-quality execution. Competition prizes and design awards have included three international Progressive Architecture Honor Awards; national honors from the American Institute of Architects, The Boston Society of Architects, The American Wood Council, American School and University; The Emerging Architects honor from the New York Architectural League; and particular recognition for design work in service to society and the environment, from such groups as the Danish Royal Index Awards, Copenhagen; The Zumtobel Awards, Zurich; and The Holcim Awards, Zurich.

The firm’s drawings, design models and industry prototypes have been widely exhibited, including at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Hamburg Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, The Los Angeles Museum of Art and Design, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Panama City Museum of Art, and The Danish Design Museum, Copenhagen. Firm Principals Mark and Peter Anderson regularly present their work through invited lectures at universities, museums and design and construction conferences throughout The United States, Asia and Europe.

Publication of Anderson Anderson’s work appears frequently in books and professional publications in the United States, Asia and Europe—including in the journals Architecture, and Architectural Record (New York), PLAN (Milan), Deutsche BauZeitung (Berlin), Architecture Review (London), Taiwan Architect (Taipei), and L’Industrie delle Costruzioni (Rome).

A book on the firm’s work, Anderson Anderson: Architecture and Construction, was published by Princeton Architectural Press, New York, in 2001. A book on its  design and construction technology work, Prefab Prototypes; Site-Specific Design for Off-Site Fabrication, was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2007, and nominated for a Royal Institute of British Architects Book Award. An issue focus, fifty-page retrospective and critical review on the firm’s design work was published by Taiwan Architect, May 2009. Anderson Anderson’s creative architecture and construction technology projects also appear in popular media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Dwell (New York), La Vie (Taipei) and in television specials on PBS, CNN, ABC, NHK TV Tokyo, and on Europe1 television.