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Power Station

ZEBRA Power House

The ZEBRA Power House can be rapidly deployed to any location in the world and connected to internet and telecommunications by wireless technology, with no physical connections to outside power or utilities. With its expandable array of photovoltaic panels and multiple options for satellite or wi-fi internet connectivity, it is adaptable to a wide range of applications with a minimum of setup time or  site preparation cost.

Applications for the ZEBRA Power House are many, from open air education pavilions to fully climate controlled office work spaces. Permanent building applications are just as practical as temporary uses. Economical to ship and deploy, ZEBRA Power House can be quickly set up at a weekend music festival or sporting event as a cell phone recharging station and internet hotspot, then moved to a new location the following week to become a pop-up retail outlet.  It could be a broadcast center for journalists covering a major political event, or an internet cafe in a park area where no utilities are available. The building’s rigid structural steel frame makes it possible to set it quickly on almost any kind of ground without needing expensive foundations, and available fold-down ramps, landings and steps make it possible to provide ADA compliant accessibility on uneven ground. The Power Houses can be set up in parking lots, on grass or gravel, on pier structures and barges, to provide high tech infrastructure in places with no services or utility connections.

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