Anderson Anderson Architecture

Tufts University S.I.S. Building

Tufts University commissioned a relocatable building to accommodate Student Information Systems training and office space. After initially exploring the use of leased off-campus commercial office space for this program, Tufts approached the design-build team of Anderson Anderson Architecture and Triumph Modular to help explore options for creating needed office space on-campus in a very tight time frame.

While maintaining industry-standard module proportions dictated by transportation law and factory constraints, this building revolutionizes design and construction quality in terms of ceiling height, acoustics, indoor thermal comfort, indoor air quality, natural light and ventilation, low carbon footprint, healthy and sustainable materials and equipment, and significantly reduced energy use.  Surfaces, materials and colors throughout the space are selected not only for health, sustainability, functionality and hygienic ease of maintenance, but also to provide vibrancy, fun and creative inspiration for the building’s occupants. Portions of the building are repurposed in modified form from a former child care center, and new modules were designed and manufactured to coordinate and expand the structure for an entirely new use, site, and client. The design process was entirely conducted in BIM 3-D computer modeling, included environmental modeling simulations to improve user comfort.


2012 Award of Distinction, from the Modular Building Institute, to Anderson Anderson Architecture for the design of the Tufts University Student Information Systems Building, Medford, MA

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