Camel Back Shot Gun Sponge Garden

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The project will be fabricated almost entirely off-site using a hybrid, steel-frame/structural insulated panel system. The individual building units will be efficiently manufactured in three, road-legal modules per typical two or three-bedroom flat  and then stacked by crane as complete housing units on top of prefabricated, ground level retail and service cores built of water-and termite-resistant composite concrete panels. Earth excavated for building foundations is redistributed as water absorptive landscape berms creating a unified outdoor common space flowing upward from the river bank, through the public park and integrating into the geometry and eco-system of the individual house blocks. Earth cut and fill is balanced in order to minimize cost, energy expenditure and existing community disruption, while simultaneously enhancing the rich symbolism of a community rooted in the riverine ebb and flow of the local earth, water and weather cycles.

Dwelling units share a common geometric order defined by the local urban street grid and local housing typologies merging with the delta webbing of earth and water at the riverbank. Within the regular grid, rising and falling house positions create a readably syncopated rhythm, allowing the gardens and open space to shrink and swell across the roofs, creating variously sized and shaded outdoor gardening, dining and play areas. Community vegetable gardens, picnic and play areas weave as continuously linked walkways and platforms winding among the buildings above the parking level below, both defining internal community areas and flowing outward to the street edge as densely vegetated corridors of air and skylight , welcoming integration with the life and spatial massing of the larger neighborhood .