Anderson Anderson Architecture

Bay Towers of Babel-On

In the year 2108, the City of San Francisco has become a hyper-dense metropolis with a modern sense of its unique history and destiny. This is a city preserving deep and unsentimental memory of celebrated and chastening moments of courage, imagination, and crime; a smart and happy city, surrounded by agriculture, wilderness, and clean, bounteous waters that have grown back onto its doorstep; an exuberant and spontaneously evolving invention for renewed creative life, offering greater treasure back into the surrounding environment and culture than was previously torn from its brittle crust of underlying earth and from the hopeful breasts of its immigrant engine of productivity. San Francisco blossoms as diverse communities of imagination, good health and global contribution, exporting invention, food, energy; powering world-wide renewal in art, industry, health, happiness, individual liberty, ecological rationality and communal good will. Architecture intertwines with all aspects of life, seamlessly providing infrastructure, energy, sustainable wealth and inspiration into the lives of its citizen builders.

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