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Whitney Trailhead Prototype

The Mount Whitney Trailhead Prototype was seen as an opportunity to develop a relationship between the College of Environmental Design and the National Forest Service.  The project intends to inform and inspire visitors at different levels.  In addition to serve the fundamental function of an interpretive center for the trail, the structure reveals a unique and sensitive relationship between architecture and nature.

The Mount Whitney Trailhead Prototype entailed approximately one summer of planning and design and two weeks for the actual installation of the project at the trailhead.  Several undergraduate and graduate student volunteers from the College of Environmental Design joined Chris Nogoy and Jeff Jordan in the building of the trailhead this summer before the Centennial Celebration of the Trailhead in July.

Team Members:

Anderson Anderson Architecture
Project Coordinators and Designers: Jeff Jordan and Chris Nogoy
Faculty Advisor: Mark Anderson
Inyo National Forest Supervisor: Jeff Bailey

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